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Parent and Toddler Sessions

Monday's 2:00-2:45pm and Friday's 9:30-10:15am
Our Structured Parent and Toddler classes are a 45 minutes class with adult supervision that focuses on the development of balance, strength, flexibility, co-ordination, motor and social skills in a safe and fun environment.
Every session, your child will work towards skills to complete their certificate at the end of term! (Please bare in mind, a minimum of 4 sessions are to be completed to achieve a certificate.)
We teach parents the correct supporting techniques and how to safely help your child with gymnastics skills such as forward rolls, cartwheels and assisting them balance along the beam safely. We advice that this session is for any child that can listen and follow instructions as it is structured and will need to stay on one piece of apparatus at one time.  
This class is paid via standing order which we ask you to set up for the 1st of the month and is £20 x11 months (August standing order cancelled)


Tuesday 1:15-2:30pm - Wednesday and Friday 10.30-11:45am
These sessions are open to all aged children under 5's. (During half term, we open these classes for ages 8 years and under)
From slings to runners, there's fun to be had! Accompanied by an adult, your child can explore imaginative set-ups and circuits under the guidance of our qualified coaches who will encourage the development of co-ordination, motor and social skills in a fun-filled environment.

There is no need to book these sessions, however our Friday morning class gets very busy! You are welcome to pay via cash or card at reception. 
£5 Walkers, £3.50 Crawlers and £2 for babies. £3.50 for additional siblings

Stay and Play Gymnastics

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