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Class information

Lace Hill Membership Fee: £7.50 - Your child will receive a Lace Hill Gym Bag and Notebook. Please make this payment via cash or card at your child's session as we will hand over the items on the day. 


Dress code: Leotard, Leggings, T-shirt, Jumper - No socks, tights, jeans or skirts. Hair must be tied up and jewellery removed or taped.


What your child should bring: Spare hair band (if applicable), water bottle and notebook. 

Class structure: 10 minute warm up and stretches - 10 minutes group activity - 15 minutes 1st apparatus - 15 minutes 2nd apparatus - 5 minute cool down.

Discipline in classes: The gym is used by lots of gymnasts and in order to maintain a safe environment it is important that gymnasts listen and follow the instructions of the coach. Gymnasts who mess about or attempt to perform moves that they have not been asked to do can be dangerous for themselves, the other gymnasts and the coach. We will give a verbal warning first and if bad behaviour is continued we will ask gymnast to sit out for 5 minutes. If the behaviour continues after the first 2 warnings, a phone call home to collect your child will be made. We will then monitor the child's behaviour and speak to relevant adults about their sessions with us. 

No food or drink to be consumed inside the gym. We do not allow outdoor shoes or socks to be worn unless they have gripped bottoms. Please notify a coach if your child needs to wear socks. 

Please make sure your child has been to the toilet before their session

Frequently asked questions

Can parents watch the session? Yes, we have a designated waiting room upstairs where you can watch your child via a tv screen. Unfortunately we do not allow adults inside the gym. 

Do you run sessions during term time? Yes, however we do close for 2 weeks in the Summer holidays and 2 weeks at Christmas. These dates will be emailed out and around the gym at the beginning of each year. 

What do the colour groups mean? We allocate your child into a coloured group by age. We do not separate the children into ability as our coaches are able to adapt their session and challenge each individual 

Where is the toilet? There are two toilets located next to the kitchen. 

Can I speak to a member of staff? We love to communicate with our parents and discuss their child’s specific training however our main priority is always the safety and quality of your child’s precious time with us. If you have any problems/queries there is a desk located inside the hall to the left of the door. Here you can speak to the head coach and sort out any queries, make payments etc. Please try not to speak to a coach during session time and, except in the case of emergency never interrupt a coach who is actively coaching. If you need to speak to a specific coach then please speak to the coach before the session starts or once it has finished. If it is a minor issue and you are not able to speak to the coach, please do email us. 

Where do I drop off and collect my child? You should wait with your child until they have been asked to enter the gym and are registered. Pick up is outside where we can make sure each child goes home to the correct adult. Preschool parents can pick up from the reception area to help with their shoes and socks.

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