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Parent and Toddler SESSIONS

Our Structured Parent and Toddler classes focus on the development of balance, strength, flexibility, co-ordination, motor and social skills in a safe and fun environment.
Every session, your child will work towards skills to complete their certificate at the end of term! (Please bare in mind, a minimum of 4 sessions are to be completed to achieve a certificate.) Click the button below to send us an email to find out more information and to book a trial session

Pay and Play sessions
Tuesday 1:15-2:30pm - Wednesday and Friday 10.30-11:45am

are open to all aged children under 5's. From slings to runners, there's  fun to be had! Accompanied by an adult, your child can explore imaginative set-ups and circuits under the guidance of our qualified coaches who will encourage the development of co-ordination, motor and social skills in a fun-filled environment. 
£5 Walkers, £3.50 Crawlers and £2 for babies. £3.50 for additional siblings

home ed classes

Our Home Ed classes are suitable for children all abilities and ages 5-15 years. The sessions are packed with fun ways to learn general gymnastics and to help build on the essential skills – strength, endurance, agility, balance, flexibility and co-ordination. The children are split into age and ability groups and work on all towards their British Gymnastics Proficiency Awards. All our coaches are British Gymnastics qualified and DBS checked. Click the 'register online' button above.


All gymnasts should have their British Gymnastics
Bronze Membership

(Excluding parent and toddler classes)
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